Levar Workshop was created to provide the best and most consistent bespoke tailoring with a fair pricing structure. We have gathered some of the best and skilled professionals to deliver amazing garments. Our tailors specialize in traditional English tailoring methods as well as Neapolitan methods. Levar Workshop provides modern tailoring with traditional standards. We specialize in all facets of bespoke garments to clarify; suits, shirts, trousers, waistcoats and overcoats. The lead tailor has over 30 years’ experience and oversees many of the garments that are produced on Savile Row. Our main goal is to provide consistency and efficiency on a daily basis. We strive to redefine what excellent tailoring can and should be. We offer the following Fully Canvas CMT, Semi Canvas and Fused Machine CMT. We can produce 400 Fully and Semi Bespoke suits a month. Followed by 1500 Machine made to measure suits a month. Lastly Levar Workshop can make 600 bespoke shirts a month. Allow us to change the dynamics of your business structure and witness the results.


As a member of Levar Workshop, we offer an incomparable bonus structure for any business referral that decides to allow us to tailor their garments. We will pay out 15% in royalties to it’s members who refer new business. The 15% will be a total of whatever that business monthly invoices total. This allows a member to have unlimited capital based on how much business is rendered by it’s referred company.

The member has full access to our master tailors who specialize in the following garments; suits, shirts, trousers, waistcoats and overcoats. Levar Workshop consists of 70 staffers at the moment. 5 cutters, 30 tailors (jacket makers), 10 tailors (trouser makers), 12 tailors (shirt makers) 4 finishing tailor, 2 QC, 2 pressing and 4 who process orders. Levar Workshop is fully capable of making men and women garments. The normal turn around time for handmade garments is 4-6 weeks and machine made garments is 2-4 weeks.



Step 1: Submit Inquiry

Email your company profile to express interest info@levarworkshop.com.
Make sure to include accurate details and information so that we may
process it in a timely manner. A representative will contact you within 24-48 hours.
Sample garment will be provided (fee may be required).

STEP 2: Submit First Order



Your first order with us initiates your membership.

We look forward to having you as a member of one of the most

exclusive tailoring workshops in the country.

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